Wednesday, July 10, 2019

STAR BEST GIRL!!!: A History of Huwbot and His Clikits- Part 1

Any frequent reader of Brickset and, especially, its April Fools 2019 articles
and Random Set of the Day feature, will be familiar with Huwbot's strange
fascination with the theme known as Clikits. I have attempted, to the best of my ability, to compile here a history of Huwbot's odd obsession and its repercussions throughout the Brickset Community. What did I find? Read on after the break.

The Clikset  logo used for April Fools 2019

Huwbot's first Clikits selection (Stylin' Stationery Set) as the Random Set of the Day came on 17 March 2018. This was preceded by a few Scala sets and a single Paradisa set. Of course, in these early days, no Brickset users realized what Huwbot's dastardly plan was. The Paradisa set had been accompanied by nostalgic recollections, and the Scala by comments about its oddness. Brickset user Zordboy was one of the first to comment on the odd choice of Clikits.

ZORDBOY: Now we've definitely gone random today.

The next Clikits selection (Striped Sunny Jewels) arrived on 24 April 2018. It was accompanied by the following entertaining comment:

BIIGGINSD: I've just had a look at the Clikits theme because of this. I think I have diabetes now, so sugary.

23 September 2018 (Jewels and Rings)  brought about the first realization of Huwbot's growing personality:


Something sinister was going on.

On 4 October 2018, Clikits returned with Starry Decoration Set being chosen. The community was still oblivious to Huwbot's devious plotting, but that would soon change. In the meantime, enjoy these two comments:

SID3WINDR- Heh, we've been Clik-rolled.
SPARTAN GHOST- Never gonna build you up, never gonna break yo down, never gonna run around, and, collect you!

The next day, Huwbot's selection of Star Birthday Pack led some commenters to slowly begin realizing something was amiss:

ZORDBOY- Someone needs to give Huwbot a little nudge, he's stuck on Clikits
JELOSHOT- We are officially being trolled
SNEAKYSNEAKER- #downwithhuwbot
YOOHA- Go home, Huwbot, you are drunk!

24 November 2018 brought Bricksetters the Daisy Birthday Pack. This garnered the fewest comments of any Clikits post up to that point, with just 9.

When Heart Birthday Pack came along the very next day, the community began to get suspicious.

ROBOT99- The Huwbot has discovered the Matrix it is within

The next Clikits set wasn't selected until early 2019. Friends 4-Ever Jewels not only brought back Clikits, but followed a Power Miners set in the Random Set queue. This elicited some comments lamenting the change of tone.

ZORDBOY- From Power Miners to Clikits? Damn, Huwbot.

But Brickset user Robot99 was the first to unearth the truth.

ROBOT99- Huwbot probably pulled the Power Miners set yesterday just to convince us that he is not a Clikits-obsessed sentient being. I'm onto you Huwbot!

Huwbot truly is a strange being.

Thanks for reading so far, the rest of the article is in Part 2.