Wednesday, July 10, 2019

STAR BEST GIRL!!!: A History of Huwbot and His Clikits- Part 2

In which I continue the exploration of Huwbot and his Clikit obsession

8 January 2019 saw Huwbot strike again with Sweet Dreamy Jewels. Again, Bricksetters slowly uncovered the truth:

ROBOT99- Clikits again! I know what you're up to, Huwbot.
BANANAWORLD- No other theme generates as much community-spirited conversation.

A Galidor set the following day also raised suspicion:

MR THRAWN- Finally, the face of Huwbot, our true leader!
AIDYPIE- 10/10 would glinch again.
BALTHAZAR BRANNIGAN- It was only a matter of time.
NICK- Oh no.

Jewels and Bands made an appearance on 11 January 2019. Finally, the people of Brickset just gave up.

WAVELENGTH- Click-its! Click-its! Click-its! All hail Huwbot!
ISABELLA AND LEGO LIKER- I for one welcome our (Clikit obsessed) robot overlords.
ZORDBOY- What happens when Huwbot runs out of Clikits sets? Is he just going to crash the website out of rage?
Unfortunately, Robot99s request was not fulfilled, and Huwbot kept at it.
ROBOT99- Huw, get control of your robot before it escapes

The next Clikits set, Glamour Girl Purse, came along on 20 January 2019. At this point, the comments were pure fun and Bricksetters had given up resisting.

N8ER- Seriously?
NATRO220- Clikits is back!!!
THE TEENAGE BRICKSTER- Now we all know that Huwbot is functioning properly and the minor glitch of having a classic space set has been fixed.
ZORDBOY- 1000 sets in the database... and we've gotten 4 Clikits sets in 20 days.
NAMEKUJI- Ideal sit for Lepin to clone.
BANANAWORLD- I love waking up in the middle of the night and, unable to sleep, resorting to picking up my phone to head to Brickset to look at what the latest RSotD is, only to find out that we've been clikrolled again.
ASTRODRIOD- $5 is a great deal! I don't know what you're all whining about!
BEMAHAN- Oh Huwbot, never change! <3
SHIRHAC- Frankly, I prefer that sentient algorithms like Huwbot are showing interest in flowers and glittery glamour purses over the urge to kill all humans.

On 1 April 2019, Huwbot took over Brickset, renamed it Clikset, and announced that he'd be taking over the website. His announcement is here, and the reviews are here and here. The random set was Bangle Minis.

My Starry Notes was chosen 2 April 2019.

BENGH_ZERAN- Shoot, only *now* I’ve come to realize I’ve been collecting the wrong Lego theme for the past 20 years...!

Anybody willing to trade their Clikits collection for my SW collection? Please? I’ll even throw in both UCS Falcons without hesitation, but I just *got* to get me a full collection of those Clikits, especially anything Star plus that 2004 Clikits Advent Calendar!!

And did you see all these Clikits Bonus/ Value packs? WOW, those are just *amazing*! Got to find me these, MISB! Oh man, I don’t even dare to dream about owning all the promotional Clikits items... sigh... I really have been fooling myself with Star Wars all these years... Clikits is actually soooo much cooler to collect.

Oh well, I can still dream, can I?

Cool Room Decor was featured 17 April 2019

BOBSZAAR- Thankfully Huwbot has begun to focus on REAL sets again
NATRO220- AMAZING price per piece ratio
ZORDBOY- Sure. Why not?
BEARSYWEARSY- Mah most bestest most favoritest theme in the wild west!
GENIE- All hail Huwbot

As of 10 July 2019, no more have been selected.

So, what have I discovered? There have been a whopping 14 Clikits sets selected as Random Set of the Day, but not as frequently as you may remember. Clikits and "Clikrolled" have become running jokes among Bricksetters, and I honestly just love how these selections have brought out the best of the community. There's even a contest on to build Huwbot (ending 31 July 2019), so you can go enter that if you haven't yet. Play Well, Huwbot.

Thanks for reading. If this article proves popular, I may write another on other odd Random Sets of the day sometime soon. Thanks again for reading!